M. D. Message

My Dear Students ,

At the outset I want to congratulate you for your's success in the last examination you have appeared. Now you are on the threshold of a crucial stage of your educational career. Whatever you decide should be aimed at looking forward to the tough competitive environment which lies ahead.

If you are confident of your ability to prepare yourself without any help, nothing can be better than this. If not, have you thought of obtaining guidance which could be had by means of home tuition or by joining any coaching institute. If you opt a home tuition, a few questions should crop up in your mind. Viz whether a tutor would be a specialist for all subjects ? Would this arrangement provide you with the benefit of competitive environment which is available in a group ? Would you get the benefit of debates on various facts by sitting amongst meritorious students ? Would it be possible to comparatively assess yourself studying at home alone ? Would you get the benefit of mutual interaction with other students ? It has been seen that if an errant student is pulled up in a group, his self confidence increases. T his is also a positive aspect why studying in a group. Would it be possible for a home tutor to teach you like a teacher who prepare himself to teach a group of students ? Tests which are carried out in a group facilitate to remove the scare of examination. Would you be able to gain out the model test which is arranged after the session just before the final examination.Is it possible to avail a meritorious relaxation of Rs. 75/- (B.S.E.B) and Rs. 125/- (C.B.S.E.) per month and also Rs. 1200/- annually by studying alone at ypur home ? Would you get facility for practical classes alone ?

Now, if decide to join a coaching institute to prepare yourself to excel in future, you have to carefully ponder and choose an experienced institution which has continuous track-record of exemplary discipline and results over last twenty years.

   Mr. A. K. Rana
( Managing Director)