Rules For Visiting Boys

Boys are allowed to meet only those visitors whose names have been advised by parents to the Institute. Boys are not permitted visitors on weekdays. Visitors may meet their wards with permission of the HOUSEMASTER/ HOUSEMOTHER between 9 am – 11 am only on the Outing Sundays (i.e. Second and Fourth Sunday) OR a Calendared holiday. In case of an urgent matter, the visitor must obtain prior permission from the administrator; boys who meet visitors without permission will be severely punished. Visitors must leave the Campus by 11 am .
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Visitors' Cars

No vehicles are permitted inside the Campus except at the specified area at gate/ roadside only. The Institute takes a very dim view of parents allowing their children to drive without a license. Any boy caught driving without appropriate papers will be deemed to have violated the Institute and the government rules in this regard, and will be treated in an appropriate manner.
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Dress Code

1. Boys are not permitted to keep HOME CLOTHES with them in their Room/Dormitory and no home clothes are to be worn during term time. However, boys are allowed to bring two pairs of blue JEANS and White T-shirts, which will be deposited with the Housemother and can only be worn during Journeys / Mid-term breaks.

2. Only standard night suits will be permitted to be used as nightwear and these may only be worn inside the Dormitory/Room.

3. For Dinner

i. Summer: Whites (Kurta-Pyjama or shirt and trousers) with floaters provided by the Institute.

ii. Winter: Blazer, brown trousers, ties and Institute shoes. No other form of dress is Allowed for Dinner.

4. For Sunday / Holiday: Only games clothes (Games shirt or T- shirt/ white T- shirt and shorts above knee and games shoes issued by the Institute). Track suits are also permitted during winters.

5. For Institute Functions

i. Day time: Institute Dress : for Boys (White Shirt & Black Trousers) : for Girls (White Suit with Black Salwar & Black Dupatta)

ii. Evening: Kurta-Pyjama/whites or the Institute uniform as decided.

6. For any function outside the Institute, boys must wear the Institute uniform.

7. For Picnics/ Night out with tutors: In summer: Games clothes and in winters: Tracksuits.

8. For Mid-Term/ Journey (Homeward or Institute ward): Uniform to be specified.

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Expensive Items

Not Allowed

Boys are not allowed to bring any expensive personal items / gadgets such as i-pods, cameras, memory storage device (CD/Pen Drive) with them. In case a boy brings any expensive gadget with him, the Institute cannot be held responsible for its safety. No electrical devices/appliances are to be brought to Institute by the boys. These will be confiscated.
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Not Allowed

Boys are not allowed to keep any money in their personal possession. All money must be handed over to the Housemasters at the beginning of term.
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Mobiles Phone

Not Allowed

The possession and use of mobile phones is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Boys with such instruments in their possession will be severely punished. The mobile phones will be confiscated and will not be returned under any circumstances.

Visitors are advised not to let any boy use their mobile phones except their own ward while on the campus, under any circumstances.

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Rest Hour

Not Allowed

No boy should be seen outside the Dormitory during rest hour especially in the summer.
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Hospital Rules

Boys admitted in the Institute hospital, as in- patients, are not permitted to leave the Hospital premises without the Doctor's permission. If a boy falls ill during an outing with the Parents/Guardians, the Institute hospital must be informed and unless there is an emergency, the boy must be brought back to the Institute for an examination by the Institute doctor.

Medical leave is permitted only in case the child requires referral to higher centers. The Institute Doctor will only grant the medical leave after submission of the "Medical Leave Application" available in the Institute Hospital.

During the period of their internment they will wear Night suits/ Hospital uniform/ Kurta-Pyjama as specified.

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Environment Code

Not Allowed

The Institute has been declared a "plastic free" zone and the use of plastic on the Campus is strictly forbidden. Visitors are requested NOT to bring any plastic on to the Campus.
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Honesty Code

Cheating in the examination is treated as an act of dishonesty and the Institute takes a very dim view of such cases. Any student found cheating shall be awarded zero mark and shall be under strict observation. However, repetition of any such act shall result in expulsion from the Institute. Cases of plagiarism too will be treated as "Cheating"

Important: The Principal's decision in all disciplinary matters is final and binding.

Note: The Institute Rules are subject to revision from time to time.

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